Contactica participated in the first review meeting of LignoFOOD

The event took place October 10th 2014

The next day to the last SC&PCC meeting that gathered all LIGNOFOOD partners on month 12, a Review Meeting between them all as well as with the Project Officer and the Project Reviewer was held in the REA building in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting was programmed so both of them could appreciate all the progress achieved so far and evaluate it, as well as give in return some feedback that could be useful for the consortium partners in the future.

Hence, the Project Coordinator Contactica explained the project overview, status report, deviations, delays, management issues and dissemination activities, in addition to all of those matters of interest already discussed the previous day in the SC&PCC meeting celebrated among the partners.

To sum up, each of the RTDs explained the work done in the first nine months of the project to meet the SMEs’ expectations, and the SME and end users presented their companies and their objectives for LignoFOOD. Meanwhile, the Project Reviewer intervened with inquiries to reach the general idea of the project’s current situation.

Once all partners cleared out all questions and everything was clarified, the consortium received the REA’s and the Reviewer’s feedback of the Periodic Report 1 on the most important issues regarding the project’s next moves.

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