Contactica attends to a Wheysan meeting in Portugal

The meeting took place last October 21st 2014

Contactica and the consortium partners Agrofield, Campotec, DIT and Cita reunited again for a new Steering Committee (SC) and Project Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting in partner Campotec’s facilities in Torres Vedras, Portugal, close to the end of the project.

All up to date actions, tasks and deliverables were discussed, and those technical issues still pending for submission were reviewed so as to see how to conclude them satisfactorily within the project’s schedule. The work Packages, tasks and deliverables situation was therefore studied. Overall, the key issues for the end of the project were discussed successfully.

The week before this meeting, Fruit Attraction international trade show was held, with an important presence of WHEYSAN with both a stand as an imparted lecture on its objectives, progress and results. So, this topic was also an object of discussion in the meeting for evaluating the dissemination achievements obtained with the participation on the fair, as well as the conclusions obtained on the target market in which the developed formula will be commercialized.

In this moment and at this stage of the project, dissemination actions and technical, financial and administrative documents needed for the end of the project were the key topics to be contemplated, among the latter being important the periodic as well as the final report.

Finally, the meeting ended with the partners talking on the exploitation of project results and further actions that could be held, such as the IPR issues and the intention of participating in the future on Horizon 2020 dedicated SME instrument for the final commercialization of WHEYSAN’s project results and its whey based formula.

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