Contactica and Agrofield present WHEYCOM in ‘Foro Innova’

Contactica and Agrofield, taking advantage of its passage through the Fruit Attraction fair, presented the project Wheycom at ‘Foro Innova‘. This forum was available to companies within the fair, constituting a space where they could make speeches, presentations and technical seminars related to its solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector to a wide audience.

The main lines of Wheycom project were presented by Rodrigo Casas, on behalf of Agrofield, the project coordinator. Before a large and diverse audience, Rodrigo explained the beginning of the project Wheycom as part of a previous project (Wheysan) of the 7th Framework Programme. The value of the idea, the outputs, the differences with the previous project and the market potential of our whey-based disinfectant for different fruits and vegetables were introduced. In addition, it was stressed the need to change a model of chlorine-based disinfectants to another based on products of organic origin.

Agrofield and Contactica

After answering several questions from the audience, it was the turn of Manuel Román. Manuel, on behalf of Contactica, made a presentation of European aid programs for innovation. Based on successful cases of Contactica in these calls, such as Wheycom project itself, they were summarized some of the calls for Horizon 2020. The talk focused on placing on the market innovative products for the agricultural sector through the SME Instrument and FTI. Here you can see some of that talk (in spanish).

The content of the presentation caused great interest among the attendees. After the talk, several contacts were produced, with some of them interested in trying the Wheycom formula or applying to European subsidy programs with other ideas.

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