22 projects granted in the BBI-JU Call 2019, 3 prepared by Contactica

BBI JU launches 22 projects to support the green recovery of Europe

The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) is responsible for the implementation of a Call for proposals for Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs), Innovation Actions (IAs – DEMOs and FLAGs) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs), in line with the Horizon 2020 rules for participation.

In the 2019 Call, a total of 184 proposals were submitted. The number of proposals for each type of action is shown below:

  • CSA – total 13 proposals
  • RIA – total 104 proposals
  • IA – DEMO – total 58 proposals
  • IA – FLAG – total 9 proposals

Funded projects

In this Call, 22 new projects will receive financial support worth €106 million. The newly funded projects per type of actions, ranging from research to a full production line, is as follows:

  • 3 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) projects receiving a total of €4.5 million of
    BBI JU funding will address challenges in the bioeconomy to accelerate the market uptake of bio-based products.
  • 12 Research & Innovation Action (RIA) projects will receive a total of €50 million to develop new technologies and fill gaps within value chains.
  • 6 Demonstration Action (IA) projects receiving a total of €31.8 million will establish demo-scale production facilities in Europe.
  • 1 Flagship Action (IA) project will receive €19.9 million to build first-of-their-kinds biorefineries in Europe.

Contactica prepared and submitted 5 proposals to different topics of this Call

From these proposals, 3 were granted by the EC: 2 DEMO-IAs and 1 RIA. This means that the 33% of the granted DEMO (IA) projects and the 8% of the RIAs projects were developed by Contactica.

Furthermore, in the topic BBI-2019-SO3-D3, the only 2 granted projects (ALEHOOP and UP4HEALTH) were prepared by CTA; and in the topic BBI-2019-SO1-R1, the only granted project (BeonNAT) was also prepared by CTA.

Summarising, Contactica has successfully obtained around €14 million for the different organisations involved in the different granted projects, which means the 13% of the financial contribution to this call.


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