Eco2des at ESCAPE30 Symposium

Eco2des was presented in the 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE30)

Eco2des, our software for sustainably-based optimization of industrial processes, was presented in the ESCAPE30 congress with well-acceptance between the research community. In the lecture, not only the capabilities of the tool were demonstrated, but also its value.

ECO2DES is a new methodological approach for the eco-design of industrial processes (chemical, petro-chemical, energetic, bio-based…), integrated in a Python framework.

During the development of new innovative processes, there are no industrial data that can support any life cycle assessment, LCA, or life cycle cost, LCC, study, which gives rise to numerous trial-and-error phases during technology upscaling, exorbitantly increasing time-to-market and costs. Predictive models and process simulations, however, are able to compute the behavior of that technology under development at industrial scale and formulate scenarios for environmental or cost optimization. However, process simulation, LCA and LCC methodologies are well structured and there are many options of commercial software specialized in these areas. Nowadays, at the best of our knowledge, there is no software combining them in a holistic way for their application in the economic and environmental optimization of any industrial design of process under research and/or development. With this premise, the ECO2DES framework was born.

ECO2DES architecture scheme. Reference: García-Casas, M., Gálvez-Martos, J.L., Dufour, J., 2020. Eco2des: Python Framework for the Eco-design of Industrial Processes, 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Volume 47, 1st Edition

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