The European Commission has approved an aid fund for member states worth 1.825 billion euros, the Next Generation EU programme.

Of the total amount agreed, 750 billion will reach Spain until 2027. Between 2021 and 2023, Spain will receive 71.604 billion euros, of which 59.168 billion euros will come from the Recovery and Resilience Plan for Spain and 12.436 billion euros from the REACT-EU programme, the two main programmes that will support the Next Generation EU funds. In 2022 and 2023, the number of calls is expected to increase progressively.

The calls bring different funding instruments including direct grants, subsidies, loans and collaborative projects with public administrations.


All public and private entities are called to participate. The calls for proposals that will be published by the ministries and regional and local bodies will be aimed at companies from many different sectors and sizes, from micro-SMEs to large companies, from small research centres to large technology centres and universities, from small towns to the main capital cities.

The funds target a wide range of economic sectors, calls for proposals have already been issued for the agri-food, industrial, public services, education, health, technological research, energy and many others, with the focus on the green and digital transformation of Spanish companies and the public sector.


Through calls for projects that are published at national, regional and local level. The first step is to analyse the suitability of the call to the specific purpose of the project and the eligibility of the associated costs in each case.

Each call will detail the size and length of the project, the maximum funding, the percentage of the project cost to be financed by the programme, the eligible activities within the project and the structure of the technical and economic specifications. All the projects will have a series of common points: justification of the actions and contextualisation, objectives, adequacy of the initiatives to the European and national strategies, technical description of the project, contribution to the green and digital transition, schedule with milestones and risks associated to the project, detailed budget of the actions and social and economic impacts.

CONTACTICA monitors all the calls that are published and advises companies on the adequacy of their projects to the different calls. CONTACTICA offers its services for the preparation of projects to companies that have ideas on how to improve their business through innovation. The calls usually have short application deadlines, between 15 and 30 working days, so preparing the bases of the projects, even before the announcement of the call, is essential for the success of funding applications.

If you are interested in accessing these funds, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to study your case and give you options.

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