Research and innovation EU Missions are a package of measures which aim to find several bold and inspiring solutions to the challenges we face nowadays in the European Union. Through research and innovation projects, combined with new ways to collaborate, and including a huge and active participation of citizenship, the goal is to raise the effectiveness of the funds and its implementation in society. These funds are part od Horizon Europe for the years 2021 to 2027 and point to achieve the objectives established for the European Green Deal, the Europe fit for the Digital Age, the Beating Cancer Plan, the New European Bauhaus and the Long-term Vision for the EU’s Rural Areas.

Which are the EU Missions for 2022?

The European Commission has given 673.24 million euros for Research and Development projects which are classified under 5 topics or missions:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change, whose main goal is to help achieve social transformation in at least 150regiosn, cities and European communities towards climate reliance in 2030, including risk assessment and large-scale systemic solutions. The budget for this mission is 115.32 million euros for the year 2022, divided in 6 sub-topics. Its deadline for project applications is September 27th 2022.
  • European Beating Cancer Plan, which aims to develop both early detection technologies and measures for patients and cancer survivors, as well as suggesting a healthier lifestyle towards cancer prevention. The funds for this mission are 126 million euros and the deadline for project applications will be September 27th 2022.
  • Restore our Ocean and Waters, with the objective of protecting Europe’s marine surface and marine ecosystems as well as de 25.000km of free-flowing rivers and the reduction of plastic litter at sea and the use of chemical pesticides to help creating a blue economy. The budget for this topic is 106 million euros and the deadline for project application is September 27th 2022.
  • Climate-neutral and Smart Cities, given the fact that cities are a home for 75% of European population, which makes its green and digital transformation even more urgent. A 42 million euros budget has been established and the deadline for project applications is September 6th 2022.
  • A Soil Deal for Europe, highlights the need of keeping the soil in good condition, as it affects food production, biodiversity and general public. With a 95 million euros budget, this initiative’s deadline for project applications is on September 27th 2022.


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