World Environment Day 2022: #OnlyOneEarth

This year’s tagline for the World Environment Day is Only One Earth

On June 5th, the World Environment Day was celebrated, as each year since its first edition on 1974. The tagline chosen for this 2022 is the same that was used during the first Stockholm Conference 1972: #OnlyOneEarth. That was the year of the agreement for the United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP).

Just like every other international or world day, it exists to highlight and remind all the problems that we are dealing with; in this case, the environment preservation. Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations Organization, gave a speech regarding the celebration of this important day to highlight some of the problems we face at the moment:

  • Nearly half of the human population already lives in climate danger areas, due to extreme heat, floods or droughts.
  • There is a 50% chance that global temperatures will exceed the 1,5oC set on the Paris Agreement.
  • By 2050, over 200million people could be displaced due to climate effects.

He came up with five recommendations for these problems that could help ease the effects of climate change as well as stimulate the promotion of renewable energies: “putting renewable technologies and feedstock to everyone’s disposal, reducing bureaucracy, redirecting grants and tripling the investment.

Biodiversity preservation through differente tools is key. Photo: Coralie Meurice

Planet resources are limited, as its biodiversity and the richness of its ecosystems do, if we do not protect them. The current crisis resulting from the armed conflicts as well as the sanitary one due to Covid-19 are delaying the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. So Guterres is urging the governments to listen to those who expose these data and act consequently to slow the effects of climate on the planet.

He also opens the door to citizens and the business community to contribute with solutions in their power. Companies can be a driving force for change capable of generating positive actions that can improve society. Citizens, on their part, can take consumption choices or implement habits that can positively impact on the environment or, at least, that have the least possible impact.

Green areas, like this one here in California, are vital for the planet. Photo: Eelco Böthlingk

We have already talked about how people are getting more aware of environmental problems on this article. More and more people are starting to make their choices based on environmental factors derived from the climate crisis concerns and, in equal conditions, when choosing between two companies, they prefer one that aligns with their values. Moreover, the BBVA Foundation carried out another study, reflected on this article of the Spanish newspaper El País, about this same topic. The conclusions are similar: the majority of the Spanish population believes that the climate crisis requires equally urgent measures as the coronavirus one.

At Contactica we have a sustainability department, which develops actions that aim to take care of the environment, creating economic opportunities and looking for the society’s welfare: life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA), eco-design, certification and labelling, sustainable strategies and education. If you want to learn more, here we tell you how we work and how can we help your company to drive force for change.

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