Contactica Showcases ALEHOOP and UP4HEALTH innovative projects at Food4Future Expo

The Food 4 Future Expo, held from April 16th to 18th, provided a stage for industry leaders to present pioneering projects driving sustainability and innovation. Among them, Contactica emerged as a key player, showcasing two groundbreaking initiatives: ALEHOOP and UP4HEALTH.

Central to Contactica’s involvement was the emphasis on ALEHOOP, a project contributing to a reduction of the EU’s dependency on imported proteins and the increase of raw material security. ALEHOOP’s primary objective is to recover low-cost dietary proteins from alga-based and plant residual biomass, thereby providing solutions to meet the urgent market demand for sustainable protein sources.

In addition to ALEHOOP, Contactica unveiled UP4HEALTH, a cutting-edge initiative that promotes health and wellbeing. An intergated biorefinery for the recovery of important biomolecules from food processing by-products, such as grape pomace, olive pomace, olive stones, and nut by-products, is demonstrated at pre-industrial scale by this project.

During the Conference, Contactica delivered a presentation focusing on the application of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) within the food industry. It is emphasized that this methodology is essential to creating a more sustainable system of food production and consumption. This approach highlights how LCSA may propel research and development, and our project is an outstanding instance of how this might happen.

Contactica has proven to be a leader in advancing sustainable solutions by taking part in the Food 4 Future Expo. Through highlighting initiatives like UP4HEALTH and ALEHOOP, Contactica keeps paving the path for a more sustainable and health-conscious future.

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