FARCLIMATE (Moving ForwARd to achieving CLIMATE-resilient and sustainable European regional economic systems) is an European project that aims to implement transformative solutions on the path to climate resilience in at least 20 regions and communities across Europe. It will address the complex challenges of developing and expanding climate-resilient measures, making them available and understandable to everyone, while also paying special attention to the social, political and economic barriers commonly found.

Climate change is the most critical challenge of our time. The impacts of global warming, including droughts, storms, and other extreme weather events, are already being severely felt across the world. Urgent and sustained actions must be taken to both mitigate climate change and adapt to what is already unavoidable. Relevant economic sectors affected by climate change need to be transformed to face the existing risks and develop climate-resilient business models and value chains. Re-skilling opportunities need to be available, and national, regional and local governments must play an active role in the transition to climate resilience.


FARCLIMATE is a four-year EU-funded project that will address the challenges of climate change adaptation with an interdisciplinary, multisectoral and multi-actor approach. The actions conducted in FARCLIMATE will help to understand the climate change factors that affect economic sectors at the local level, as well as the concerns and needs of involved stakeholders. The project will develop novel approaches for farming, fisheries and forestry (due to their likelihood of being potentially more impacted by climate change) by providing decision management plans, sustainable recommendations, and support to regions and communities to perform a transformative change by carrying out training and workshops for the identified stakeholders. Moreover, FARCLIMATE will generate and validate new nature-based solutions that are environmentally friendly and economically affordable, will develop an inspiring and empowering communication approach, and will take the first steps to create a European climate-resilience communities’ network.


FARCLIMATE is made up of 14 partners from 6 different European countries. It is led by the University of Vigo, where, last October, the starting point of a work that will last 48 months was given. The project is funded under the topic HORIZON-MISS-2022-CLIMA-01-04, being a research and innovation project (RIA) with a budget of 4.723.433,75€, 100% funded by the EU.

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