Eco-labels are usually voluntary labelling systems used to show potential customers the efforts of a company to become more environmentally friendly, transparent and sustainble. There are different types of eco-labels according to ISO: type I, type II and type III.

Contactica accompanies you in the development of type III eco-labels, also called Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

EPDs can only be obtained after perfoming an LCA verified by an authorized external verifier.

EPDs can be registered in different operator programmes. They provide objective environmental impacts results extracted from a background confidential LCA report. The LCA has to be performed following product-specific rules, i.e. Product Category Rules (PCRs).

EPDs can be obtained for all families of products, such as construction products, food, textiles, chemicals, etc, as long as a valid PCR exists. If there are not valid PCRs for your product, we can assess you to start the development of a PCR to lead your niche-market in terms of Environmental impacts declaration.

EPDs provide points for green public procurement and green building schemes certifications, allow comparison with competitors, allow the communication of results to customers and the exercise of data collection and Environmental assessment can be used to find development oppotunities and eco-design

Do you want to develop an EPD for your product?


Claiming a product or a company is green is a growing practice in the maket, but which certification can be trust?Green marketing has to be supported in scientific-based and standirdized methodologies.

Contactica helps you to develop a solid, credible and science-based marketing strategy to show potential customers good practices and efforts towards sustainble development.

Type III eco-labels or EPDs and Environmental certifications or verified LCAs (link) are the most common practices.

Contactica offers you a wide range of services to support the sustainble development of your activities and your marketing strategy:

  • Carbon Footprint certifications (ISO14064, ISO14067, GHG protocol, PAS 2050 and independent schemes)
  • Water Footprint certifications (ISO 14046)
  • Verified LCAs (link a subservicio LCA)
  • Eco-design (ISO 14006)