Contactica and partners attend to a new LignoFOOD meeting celebrated in Brussels

The conference took place October 9th 2014

Already a year has passed since LIGNOFOOD started in October 2013, and a new Steering Committee (SC) and Project Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting takes place in the REA building in Brussels, Belgium.

As always, this meeting serves as an opportunity to know what the current situation of the project is, the tasks held up to date and those that should be undertaken in the following months. The RTD partners were the main protagonists of this meeting, and one by one they stated the progress achieved in their due tasks throughout their research and tests.

Also, knowledge transference from the RTDs to the SMEs has already begun to be produced, in particular by partner CSIC towards Isanatur. Personnel from partner ISANATUR is going to start working in CSIC facilities this month of October in order to learn about the XOS production process (enzyme immobilization and reaction conditions).
Indeed, different interactions between partners are needed depending on the kind of process developed in the project. The hemp pre-treatment for the demonstration stage, for example, can also be assumed to be started soon, as the pilot plant set up in Spain is expected to be ready by February of 2015.

Overall, the project’s advances since the last SC&PCC meeting from April were shared among the Consortium partners, and several other issues such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management and other technical matters were discussed so partners will take them into account for the following months of project LignoFOOD.

EThis meeting gathered most LignoFOOD partners reunite: Contactica (Spain), Isanatur (Spain), Envirohemp (Spain), Zade Vital (Turkey), Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC)(CSIC, Spain), Graz University of Technology (Austria), TNO (Netherlands), Selcuk University (ILTEK)(Turkey) and the Centre of Innovation and Food Technology from La Rioja (CITA)(Spain). All but Biotech Power from Italy, partner who has recently been withdrawn from the project.

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